The Art of Problem Solving in Modern Industrial Machine Automation

Custom machine automation has evolved into the standard for many modern manufacturing operations. As you can probably imagine, innovation in problem solving is at the core of developing today’s state-of-the-art industrial automation solutions.

Knowledgeable manufacturers approach Creative Automation with production processes that are either too labor-intensive, too complex and costly, or produce too much scrap. Our job is to engineer a way to automate these unique processes using proven technologies such that the end result requires minimal human intervention while being more efficient, streamlined, and sustainable.

Why do today’s manufacturers need custom industrial automation?

Modern manufacturers are under increasing pressure to remain as lean, flexible, and responsive as possible. In many markets, rapid turnaround is expected for products that are manufactured just-in-time (JIT) so that vendors don’t have to hold inventory. Essentially, this practice puts all of the pressure on the manufacturer to maintain volume.

Simultaneously, product complexity and quality control expectations have never been higher – nor have labor costs, especially in the case of North American manufacturers. So providers are faced with the difficult challenge of raising the bar in production speed, quality and consistency while simultaneously lowering their overall costs.

Enter automation engineering companies like Creative Automation: we develop the custom automated industrial equipment and special purpose machinery which enables today’s manufacturers to make their products better, faster, and more cost-effectively, thus meeting the industry’s ever-evolving needs.

The Main Challenges Faced by Industrial Automation Engineering Companies:

Innovative problem solving is one of the critical prerequisites in the realm of custom industrial machine automation. Automation engineering companies have to consistently think outside of the box to develop new equipment and manufacturing processes using proven technologies, going beyond off-the-shelf systems to minimize human labor and maximize productivity.

Of course, the end result must also be cost-effective: whether it’s a small business or an enterprise solution. Manufacturers today turn to custom automation expecting an extremely positive ROI.

At Creative Automation (CAC), we specialize in devising tailored, highly practical automation solutions that address the unique challenges of each project. Our innovations in problem solving have played a pivotal role in the advancement of many highly diverse manufacturing operations – from the medical industry to automatic fluid dispensing systems.

Systems Integration for Turnkey Automation

Beginning with consulting and design, then following through with building and integrating the machines into your production line, CAC develops turnkey automated equipment which is ready to get to work. Through innovative problem solving and decades of combined experience, we develop uniquely optimized automation which accommodates your manufacturing, assembly, or product testing needs.

Tackling Customization and Complexity in the Production Process

Every industrial process and company is unique, bringing its own set of challenges to the table. Custom industrial machine automation demands tailoring equipment solutions to fit these specific needs, no matter how specialized or complex. Whether it’s designing and fabricating an automatic assembly machine for precision computer clocks or building a special purpose machine for seam welding mesh filters, Creative rises to the challenge of customization.

Our results-driven problem solving is crucial in designing and implementing automation systems that can adapt to vastly different manufacturing challenges and market requirements. Going beyond off-the-shelf machine solutions, we design automated systems that often require novel approaches and out-of-the-box thinking in order to achieve the results our customers are after.