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Custom Machine Automation Solutions

Creative Automation has specialized in the total development of custom automation equipment and automated fluid dispensing systems since 1968. Our company develops turnkey automation solutions for a wide range of production line systems, robotic machining and forming equipment, as well as automated process and assembly systems.

Custom Automation Machinery

Automation solutions and special purpose machinery engineered to automate virtually any precision manufacturing operation.

Automated Dispensing Equipment

Automated fluid dispensing systems in standalone or in-line configurations, engineered for the precision application of adhesives, solder pastes, sealants, lubricants, and other similar materials.

Automated Assembly Equipment

Custom assembly automation systems to streamline your production line from start to finish, ranging from automatic fasteners to robotic assemblers for custom packaging to the assembly of precision electronics.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Precision automation solutions for the modern medical sector including dispensing systems, medical device assembly machines, as well as robotic packaging and processing systems.

Automatic Forming Systems

Automated forming machines engineered to streamline specific forming and fabrication processes, designed around each client’s unique production needs and process requirements.

Automated Process Equipment

Uniquely engineered automation solutions for a variety of production line processes, e.g., forming, testing, hardware insertion and web processing.

Automated Machining Systems

Automated machining systems and manufacturing solutions achieve new levels of speed, quality, and productivity by automating specific machining tasks.

Automated Test Systems

Precision automation systems for performing automatic product testing and inspection procedures.