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Automated Assembly Equipment

Creative Automation Company manufactures custom automated assembly machines. Practically engineered to streamline specific production processes, our experience ranges from automotive modules to medical devices, from robotic part handling to precision electronics assembly.

Automatic Assembly and Inspection System for Computer Clocks

A manufacturer of semiconductor components contracted Creative to develop an automated assembly system to increase their production capacity while reducing the manufacturing costs of manually assembling computer clocks. We designed and manufactured a dial-type automatic transfer and assembly system that performed all of the operations automatically, substantially reducing labor requirements.

Automatic Assembly System for Earplugs

A manufacturer of consumer healthcare products required a method to automate the assembly and packaging of their corded ear plugs. The product required various complex manufacturing and assembly operations that had to be carried out with absolute precision.

Automatic Riveting System for Automotive Switch Plates

Creative designed and fabricated a 4-station automated assembly system that includes two riveting stations to handle different sizes of rivets. The goal was to streamline the assembly of pressure sensors and connector plates at a rate requirement of two complete assemblies per minute with integrated automatic processing.

Contact Feed and Installation System

A manufacturer of electronic contact feeds contracted Creative to develop a floor standing system for automatically orientation, feeding and installing contacts. Our automated solution feeds contacts through a track guidance system to an installation station, streamlining the overall operation.

Glass Door Support Roller Assembly Machine

We designed and manufactured an automated system that enables an operator to place roller housings onto tooling mounted to a dial-type indexer. Specifically engineered for a leading manufacturer of sliding glass doors, our solution automatically installs rollers, rivets, and an adjustment screw to complete the assembly.

Telephone Interconnect Pinch Block Assembler

A manufacturer of outdoor telephone cable equipment required a system to automatically punch, cut out, and place grease barriers onto blocks consisting of a molded body and screw. Creative Automation designed and manufactured a system that automated the above operations, increasing capacity up to 40 assemblies per minute.

Automated Assembly Machine for Paper Chef’s Hats

A national food wholesaler needed to improve the production and quality of their manufacturing of their disposable chefs’ hats. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a dial type special process machine that receives paper blanks, wraps them around a mandrel, applies hot melt adhesive and automatically places tops on the formed hats, producing 40 hats/minute.

Frost-Free Valve Stem Assembly System

A manufacturer of frost-free valves (Hose bibs used in low temperature climates) required a system to manufacture a unique stem assembly. Creative Automation designed and fabricated an automated system to assemble pre-cut lengths of copper tubing to seals and stems. The entire system operated without operator attention and produced assemblies at a rate of 30/minute.

Automatic Fabricator for Earplug Center Cords

A manufacturer of ear plugs required the fabrication of a unique assembly. The assembly process consists of starting with a rubber cord and wrapping a fiberglass reinforced tape around the rubber, then cutting to the required length. Creative Automation engineered a special purpose machine that automated the total process, producing center cores at a rate of 6,000/minute.

Turnkey Automated Assembly Machines

Creative Automation’s turnkey assembly equipment provides companies with the speed and efficiency necessary to remain competitive in today’s highly automated manufacturing arena. Backed by more than half a century of expertise and innovation in the development of custom production technology, Creative is your single source for unique factory automation solutions.