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Automated Assembly Machine for Paper Chef’s Hats

A national food wholesaler needed to improve both the production speed and the quality of their manufacturing process for disposable chefs’ hats. Our turnkey automated assembly system achieved both goals, maximizing product consistency while minimizing labor requirements.

The Challenge: Automating a Complex Assembly Process for Higher Speed and Accuracy

The client required a more repeatable process that simultaneously increased production speed and capacity while automating the complex labor tasks. Before we provided this machine, human operators would wrap a hat around a coffee can and hand-staple the paper to form a chef’s hat. The relatively crude manual assembly process worked, but was comparatively slow, inefficient, and imprecise compared to an automated machine solution.

The Solution: Dial-Type Special Process Machine for Automated Assembly

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a dial-type special process machine that receives paper blanks, wraps them around a mandrel, applies hot melt adhesive, and automatically places tops on the formed hats. The machine produces 40 hats/minute while achieving precision with every unique step in the assembly process.

Automated Assembly and Processing Systems for the Web Processing Industry

Creative provides special purpose machinery and turnkey automation solutions for the restaurant sector and various other consumer-facing markets. Our experience ranges from innovative digital dispensing technology to automated assembly and web processing systems. We specialize in providing turnkey automated systems that meet our clients’ highly diverse production requirements.