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Automated Assembly System for Earplugs

A manufacturer of consumer healthcare products required a method to automate the assembly and packaging of their corded ear plugs. The product required various complex manufacturing and assembly operations that had to be carried out with absolute precision.

The Challenge: Automatic Cutting, Gluing, and Complex Assembly

The system needed to make a hole in the plug, apply glue, measure, cut and insert the cord into the hole, wind the cord up, then finally insert it into an automated packing system. This essentially automates the entire production process while achieving the repeatability that the product demands.

The Solution: Turnkey Automated Manufacturing

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a custom automated system that burned a hole in the ear plug, deposited a predefined amount of adhesive, measured, cut and inserted the cord into the hole, coiled the cord up, and placed the assembly into a vertical packager. Our turnkey automation solution achieved both the production speed and repeatability that the manufacturer required while minimizing their labor requirements.

Custom Automated Assembly Systems for Today’s Medical Manufacturers

Creative Automation helps today’s healthcare device manufacturers achieve the production efficiency and repeatability that the industry demands. From automated medical device assembly machines to automatic testing, inspection, and packaging systems for healthcare products, Creative provides today’s manufacturers with custom equipment solutions engineered for their unique process requirements.