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Automatic Assembly and Inspection System for Computer Clocks

A manufacturer of semiconductor components utilized a manual assembly process for computer clocks consisting of a semiconductor chip, quartz crystal, and battery. The assembly of these complex components demanded the utmost in precision and repeatability. Simultaneously, the manufacturer needed a more streamlined automation solution that maintained quality while substantially reducing labor requirements.

The Challenge: Increased Capacity with Automated Testing

The manufacturer came to us with the requirement to greatly increase their production capacity while reducing overall manufacturing costs. Additionally, to be fully effective, a requirement for 100% testing of the finished assembly was added.

The Solution: Dial-Type Automatic Transfer and Assembly Machine

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a dial-type automatic transfer and assembly system that performed the following operations. Automatic chip loading, feeding, orienting, forming leads and assembly of quartz crystals to chip, automatic positioning, voltage check and placing a battery onto the chip, soldering crystal and chip leads to chip without shorting the battery.

Automatic testing of the finished assembly was followed by placing the assemblies onto a fixture pallet for the next operation. All of the above operations were performed automatically, no hand labor required.

Custom Automated Assembly Systems for Today’s Electronics Manufacturers

From automated assembly machines to automatic testing systems, Creative provides electronics manufacturers with the state-of-the-art equipment solutions required for enhanced productivity and sustainability. Our turnkey automated systems are designed to meet the highly diverse process requirements of today’s electronics sector.