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Automatic Riveting System for Automotive Switch Plates

A manufacturer of pressure sensors needed an efficient method for attaching 12 sensors and two separate connector plates together. The complex assembly was for automotive switch plate applications and required durable riveting with an extremely high degree of repeatability.

The Challenge: Increased Production Speed While Maintaining Quality and Safety

The safety standards employed at their facility require the riveting operation to be removed from operator contact during the riveting stations cycle. The production rate requirement of two complete assemblies per minute required a design that employed automatic processing.

The Solution: Two-Stage Automated Riveting with Automatic Part Unloading

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a four-station system that included two riveting stations to handle the two sizes of rivets. An operator loaded the basic assemblies onto fixtures in the station located on the left. The fixture is then automatically transferred into the enclosed area and then presented to the first riveting station.

The system’s automatic riveting table moves the fixture into position for each rivet placement. A pneumatic mandrel under the riveting head completes the flaring operation as the rivet is inserted. After all the rivets at the station have been installed, the fixture is shuttled to the second station to receive the remainder of the rivets that are processed in a similar manner.

Now completed, the fixture is automatically unloaded from the enclosed area and presented to an operator for removal of the four assemblies. The fixtures are continuously cycled through the system, maintaining maximum production speed and capacity.

Custom Automation Systems for Today’s Automotive Manufacturers

Creative Automation provides modern automotive manufacturers and part makers with the automated tools they need to keep ahead of the market. From automated assembly and automatic forming systems for automotive parts to automatic testing/inspection systems, Creative provides today’s automotive industry with the state-of-the-art equipment solutions required for increased productivity and sustainability.