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Automated Contact Feed and Installation System

A manufacturer of electronic connector assemblies required a system to automatically feed and install contacts into a connector block. As with most modern electronics productions, precision and repeatability remained absolutely paramount.

The Challenge: High Capacity and High Precision

Every contact block had to be precisely positioned to accurately install the contacts. Creative Automation was tasked with designing and manufacturing a floor-standing system for automatic orientation, feeding, and installing the contacts. We engineered a system that accurately oriented contacts and fed them through a track guidance system to an installation station.

The Solution: Automatic Positioning, Part Feeding, and Contact Installation

An operator places a contact block onto the system’s carriage. Once the start button is pressed, the block is automatically positioned to receive contacts. The contact population process is automatic and once all the contacts have been installed, the carriage returns to its starting position for the operator to remove the completed assembly.

Custom Automation Solutions for Electronics Component Manufacturing

From automated assembly machines and part feeding systems to automatic testing systems for precision electronics, Creative provides today’s manufacturers with the automated equipment solutions they need to achieve their unique productivity goals. We specialize in the complete development of turnkey automated systems that meet our clients’ highly diverse process requirements.