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Frost-Free Valve Stem Automated Assembly System

A manufacturer of frost-free valves (specialty hose bibs engineered for performance in low-temperature climates) required an automated system to manufacture a unique stem assembly. Creative Automation’s solution precisely assembled the required components with much higher throughput than was possible with the previous manual process.

The Challenge: Precision Automated Assembly and Increased Throughput

The manufacturer’s unique frost-free valve products required precise assembly to ensure leak-free, reliable performance in extremely low-temperature environments. Simultaneously, the client wanted a streamlined automated process that could assemble substantially more products while reducing their overall labor requirements.

The Solution: Custom Automated Assembly System for Tubing, Seals, and Stems

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special purpose automated system to assemble pre-cut lengths of copper tubing to seals and stems. Precision was maintained and production capacity increased: the entire system functions without operator attention and mass produces assemblies at a rate of 30 products/minute.

Uniquely Engineered Automated Assembly Systems for Complex Products

At Creative, we specialize in the production of practically-engineered, automated assembly systems that meet our clients’ unique challenges. Whether it’s improved quality, higher speed, more capacity, or all three, we can design and manufacture a special purpose machine that is up to the task at hand.