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Glass Door Support Roller Automatic Assembly Machine

A manufacturer of consumer home products required a system for producing roller assemblies for their sliding glass door hardware kits. Creative Automation rose to the challenge, engineering a turnkey special purpose machine that automated both the product assembly and unloading processes.

The Challenge: Integrating Multiple Complex Assembly Operations

The door roller products required multiple complex assembly operations including the installation of the rollers, riveting, and custom hardware installation. The manufacturer also required a turnkey system with automatic unloading to further streamline production and minimize labor requirements.

The Solution: Turnkey Automated Assembly and Unloading

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a system that enabled an operator to place roller housings onto tooling mounted to a dial-type indexer. The system automatically installed rollers and rivets, along with an adjustment screw to complete the assembly. The finished part was automatically unloaded from the station tooling.

Automated Equipment Solutions for Manufacturers of Consumer Home Products

From automated assembly machines to automatic forming systems, Creative provides today’s manufacturers of consumer home products with the tools they need to achieve maximum productivity. We offer turnkey automated systems and special purpose machinery that meets our clients highly diverse manufacturing process requirements.