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Telephone Interconnect Pinch Block Assembler

A manufacturer of outdoor telephone cable equipment required a system to automatically punch, cutout and place grease barriers onto blocks consisting of a molded body and screw. This complex assembly is used to make final connections to telephone cables used in outdoor junction boxes.

The Challenge: Automated Punch, Place, and Assembly

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a system to automatically perform all of the above operations. Due to the delicate nature of modern telecommunications equipment, absolute precision and accuracy were required at every step while simultaneously increasing the overall production speed.

The Solution: Turnkey Dial-Type Indexer with Automatic Feeding and Assembly

In our automated system, barrier material was fed from roll stock through a die set that punched the required hole pattern into the material. Using a dial-type indexer, body components and screws were automatically fed and assembled. After these two components were assembled, the barrier was cut from the material roll and placed onto the block.

The complete assembly is then automatically unloaded, further streamlining the overall production process. Our turnkey automated system ultimately achieved the manufacturer’s production goal of 40 assemblies/minute.

Custom Automated Assembly Systems for Today’s Telecommunications Industry

Creative offers innovation in the engineering of special purpose machinery for the telecommunications sector and interconnect industry. Our innovative solutions range from automated assembly and manufacturing process systems to automated product testing and packaging. We specialize in providing turnkey automated systems that meet our clients’ highly diverse production requirements.