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Automatic Forming Systems and Automated Fabrication Equipment

Creative Automation specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom automated forming machines engineered to streamline specific forming and fabrication processes. All automatic forming machines are designed around each client’s unique production needs and process requirements, yielding a truly optimized equipment solution for each application.

Our automated forming systems have included special purpose machines for tube forming, winding, and welding, as well as various other forming and fabrication operations. From turnkey automation equipment to system upgrades and automated machine integration, Creative offers a single-source solution for all of your factory automation needs.

Spiral Tube Winding and Welding System

A manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic filters needed to improve the process for manufacturing center cores. The current process was to start with welded tubing and drill a large pattern of holes to permit flow into the center of the tube. After the drilling operation the I.D. of the tube required honing to remove any chips created by the drilling operation.

Tube Forming System

A manufacturer of swimming pool heaters had a unique requirement to form finned copper tubing for use in a heat exchanger. In addition to forming, the copper finned areas and ends of the tube could not be distorted. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special multi-axis hydraulic forming system to automatically perform the complex operation.

Automatic Fabricator Machine for Earplug Center Cords

A manufacturer of ear plugs required the fabrication of a unique assembly. The assembly process consists of starting with a rubber cord and wrapping a fiberglass reinforced tape around the rubber, then cutting to the required length. Creative Automation engineered a special purpose machine that automated the total process, producing center cores at a rate of 6,000/minute.

Ribbon Former

A manufacturer of transducers required a small system to precisely form foil strips of material for use in their product. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special tool to perform this delicate operation.

Hermetic Seal Tab Form, Punch and Place Station

A diagnostic tests manufacturer required a station for forming, die cutting and placing a proprietary seal on a test strip. The station needed a small profile to allow integration into a larger assembly system. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special reel-to-reel tooling system that operated “on demand” and is capable of forming, punching, and precision placing tabs at rates of up to 30/minute.

Tube to Header Expanding System

A manufacturer of swimming pool heaters required a special system for expanding finned copper heating tubes into headers. A typical assembly had 8 tubes and required 16 simultaneous expansion operations. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a system that consisted of a part fixture and automatic clamps to secure the two header plates, along with two electrically driven 8-spindle heads to perform the roll form expansion operation. The typical cycle was reduced to less than 30 seconds.

Turnkey Automated Forming Equipment for Complex Manufacturing Processes

Creative Automation’s automatic forming machines provide our customers’ with the enhanced production speed and efficiency necessary to remain competitive in today’s high-paced manufacturing landscape. Backed by more than half a century of expertise and innovation in the development of custom production technology, Creative is your single source for unique factory automation solutions.