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Automatic Fabricator Machine for Earplug Center Cords

A manufacturer of ear plugs required an automated fabrication solution for a unique, complex assembly process. The process required wrapping a fiberglass reinforced tape around a rubber cord before precisely cutting to the required length. Creative Automation engineered a special purpose machine that automated the total process for streamlined manufacturing and substantially higher capacity.

The Challenge: Automating a Complex Fabrication Process for High-Volume

The manufacturer’s unique products required a highly specific fabrication process with virtually no room for error. Beginning with a rubber cord, fiberglass-reinforced tape was wrapped around the rubber. The wrapped cord is then cut to the exact required length. Achieving the precision required by hand would prevent the manufacturer from reaching their volume requirements. Enter Creative Automation.

The Solution: Multi-Station Rotary Die System for Automatic Wrapping, Cutting, and Assembly

Creative designed and fabricated an automated fabrication machine that received rubber cord supplied from a 5,000 ft reel and used fiberglass tape supplied from a jumbo 3,000 ft roll. The special system enrobed the tape around the rubber cord using five progressive wrapping stations. The wrapped cord was then cut into the required lengths using a rotary die. This special system produced center cores at a rate of 6,000 a minute, achieving the manufacturer’s high-volume requirements with minimal labor involved.

Special Purpose Automated Assembly Systems for Today’s High-Volume Manufacturers

From machine design to systems integration, Creative provides practical, highly efficient automated equipment for today’s high-volume manufacturing sector. We specialize in the engineering of automated assembly systems which streamline complex production processes and maximize capacity while eliminating all unnecessary labor requirements.