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Automated Form, Punch, and Place Station for Hermetic Seal Tabs

A diagnostic tests manufacturer needed an automated solution for assembling custom-formed proprietary seals onto test strips. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special reel-to-reel tooling system which operated on demand to meet the manufacturer’s high-volume requirements.

The Challenge: Automating a Complex Form, Cut, and Place Operation

The manufacturer required a multi-station for forming, die cutting, and precisely placing a proprietary seal on each test strip device. Absolute precision was required in all operations to ensure the final assembly was within specification. Furthermore, the station needed a small profile to allow integration into a larger assembly system.

The Solution: Automated Reel-to-Reel Tooling System for Rapid Production

Creative engineered a special purpose reel-to-reel tooling system as seen in the accompanying images. The station operates with an “on demand” basis and is capable of forming, punching, and precision placing tabs at rates of up to 30/minute. The assembly process included heat sealing the tab to the test strip, further streamlining the manufacturer’s complex production process.

Special Purpose Forming and Assembly Systems for Healthcare Device Manufacturing

Creative’s custom automation services range from machine and tooling design to systems integration. We specialize in the development of practically-engineered automated equipment designed to streamline our customers’ specific forming, fabrication, and assembly processes. We offer turnkey equipment solutions ready for integration into your production line.