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Automatic Ribbon Former for Electrical Transducers

A specialized electronics manufacturer produced transducers that required precision-formed foil strips of material for use in their transducer products. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special tool to automatically perform this delicate operation accurately and repeatably.

The Challenge: Precisely Forming Foil Strips for Precision Electronics

The manufacturer needed a small, special purpose forming system to precisely produce foil strips of material which were then installed within transducer components. Due to the extremely delicate nature of modern electronics devices, absolute accuracy had to be upheld with every custom formed strip to ensure performance and reliability of the end product.

The Solution: Special Purpose Tool for Automated Forming

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special tool to perform this delicate operation. Our special purpose forming tool achieved the precision, repeatability, and volume capacity that would not have been possible with a manual forming operation.

Special Purpose Processing Systems for Today’s Electronics Manufacturers

From machine design to systems integration, Creative provides state-of-the-art automation solutions for today’s highly competitive electronics manufacturing industry. We specialize in the engineering of highly customized automatic forming systems designed to simplify the manufacturing process of complex electronics components while achieving new levels of quality, consistency, and capacity.