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Spiral Tube Winding and Welding System

A manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic filters needed to improve their unique process for manufacturing center cores. The manual production process required custom tube drilling and honing – a time- and labor-intensive procedure. Creative Automation devised a special purpose forming machine for automatic drilling and honing, thus streamlining the overall production process while potentially improving product quality and consistency.

The Challenge: Automating Complex Tube Drilling and Honing Processes

The manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic filters needed to improve the process for manufacturing center cores. The customer’s previous, manual process began with welded tubing that required a technician to drill a large pattern of holes. The holes needed to be drilled precisely to permit flow into the center of the tube. After the drilling operation, I.D. honing was required of the tube required to remove any chips created by the drilling operation.

The Solution: Special Purpose Automatic Drilling and Honing Machine

Creative engineered and fabricated a custom automated machine solution to accommodate these complex production processes. Our system automatically positions the tubing with extreme accuracy and performs all of the necessary drilling operations. The tube workpiece is rigidly held to ensure precision, and the subsequent honing process is likewise streamlined, substantially reducing both labor requirements and processing time.

Automated Forming and Fabricating Systems for Today’s Manufacturing Industry

From machine design to systems integration, Creative provides state-of-the-art automation solutions to serve today’s manufacturing industry. We specialize in the complete design and integration of practical, highly productive automated equipment designed to accommodate specific drilling, honing, and welding requirements, as well as many other precision operations. Our company offers turnkey equipment solutions which meet our clients’ specific requirements in both quality and productivity.