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Automation Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Assembly System

A manufacturer of ostomy products needed an automated assembly system for producing multiple configurations and sizes of convexity fittings to pouches, requiring the precise placement of a special adhesive. Additionally, each pouch needed to be printed with the appropriate identification information, and rapid changeover was essential.

Complete Automatic Medical Device Assembly and Packaging System

A manufacturer of medical diagnostic test systems required unique equipment for automatically manufacturing their product, simultaneously minimizing the chance of contamination. Creative Automation designed and manufactured an automated assembly and packaging system integrated with nine highly specialized work cells, each one operating as a complete, standalone production system.

Orthodontic Packaging System

A company manufacturing orthodontic components required a special system to prepare “assembly cards” to be used with their products. The card required discreet, variable amounts of a special UV curable adhesive to be applied at multiple sites on each card. Following the adhesive dispense, a foil cover sheet needed to be formed and hermetically sealed over the dispensed adhesive. Additionally, a component was to be attached to the card, coded with an identification number and the finished assembly needed to be collated into stacks for packaging.

Custom Web Coating and Laminating System

A company manufacturing a medical test strip required a special laminating and coating system. The system was required to accurately control the tension of the web and two additional cover layers. A high- viscosity material needed to be accurately coated on each layer of film prior to the installation of the cover sheet. The entire system had to be designed to operate in a zero humidity environment.

Creative Automation designed and fabricated an assembly using precision servo drives at all key points to control the web tension. The coating and laminating stations utilize technologies previously developed by Creative Automation for accurate dispensing on the film material and Calendaring. All components were properly fabricated and coated to operate in the zero humidity environment.

Turnkey Automation Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

Creative Automation has served the medical and healthcare sector with state-of-the-art automated equipment solutions since 1968, cementing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.