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Custom Web Coating and Laminating System for Medical Test Strips

A medical manufacturer required a special purpose machine to automate unique web processing, laminating, and coating processes. Creative engineered a turnkey automation solution which accommodated all of the unique processes while maintaining precision with every product.

The Challenge: Automating a Uniquely Complex Medical Coating/Laminating Process

The company specialized in the manufacturing of medical test strips. They needed a special laminating and coating system with full automation. The system was required to accurately control the tension of the web and two additional cover layers. A high viscosity material needed to be accurately coated on each layer of film prior to the installation of the cover sheet. The entire system had to be designed to operate in a zero humidity environment.

The Solution: A Custom Automated Web Processing System

Creative Automation designed and fabricated an assembly using precision servo drives at all key points to control the web tension. The coating and laminating stations utilize technologies previously developed by Creative Automation for accurate dispensing on the film material and Calendaring. All components were properly fabricated and coated to operate in the zero humidity environment.

Machine Automation Solutions for Modern Medical Device Manufacturers

From custom assembly machines to special process equipment, Creative provides today’s medical manufacturers with state-of-the-art automation solutions. We specialize in the engineering and implementation of practical, highly customized automated systems and special purpose machinery designed specifically for the challenges of the medical and healthcare sector.