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Medical Device Automated Assembly System

A manufacturer of ostomy products required an automated assembly system for processing complex medical products with multiple configurations. Complete assembly required carefully placing a special adhesive and printing unique identification information onto the products. Creative Automation developed a custom dial assembly system which streamlines the process and substantially increases capacity.

The Challenge: Automating the Assembly of Complex Components with Multiple Configurations

The manufacturer required a complex special purpose machine for assembling multiple configurations and sizes of convexity fittings to pouches. The process of assembly required the precise placement of a special adhesive. Additionally each pouch needed to be printed with the appropriate identification information. Typical production runs range from as small as 100 assemblies to 5,000. Rapid changeover was also essential.

The Solution: High-Speed, High-Capacity 24-station Dial System

Rising to the challenge, Creative designed and fabricated a 24-station dial assembly system. Each station included a master fixture that received personality plates for accommodating each size and shape component. The operators’ tasks were to load two components into a fixture, and remove the completed assembly. A typical production rate is 15 assemblies/minute with a changeover time of only five minutes.

Special Purpose Machine Automation for Modern Medical Manufacturers

Creative provides today’s medical device manufacturers with the automated equipment solutions needed to achieve higher quality, capacity, and efficiency. We engineer practical, highly customized automation solutions and special purpose machinery designed specifically for each customer’s unique production line processes. From engineering to integration, our turnkey automated systems meet our clients’ highly diverse manufacturing and assembly requirements.