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Automated Orthodontic Product Packaging System

A medical manufacturer specializing in orthodontic components required a special purpose machine to automate the preparation of assembly cards installed in each of their product packages. The complex production process included fluid dispensing, cutting and forming, as well as complete assembly. Creative Automation rose to the challenge with a multi-station process machine.

The Challenge: Automating Complex Manufacturing Processes

The card required discreet, variable amounts of a special UV curable adhesive to be applied at multiple sites on each card. Following the adhesive dispense, a foil cover sheet needed to be formed and hermetically sealed over the dispensed adhesive. Additionally, a component was to be attached to the card, coded with an I.D. number and the finished assembly needed to be collated into stacks of 5 for packaging.

The Solution: Automated Fluid Dispensing, Forming, and Assembly for Medical Devices

Drawing on Creative Automations extensive dispensing experience, a special heated servo-driven linear dispense pump was designed and incorporated into the system.

Card blanks are placed in a hopper and are automatically processed through the eight stations using a walking beam style conveyor. The next station started with a roll of foil which was formed and die cut prior to placement and heat seal onto the card. The next stations performed the attachment of another component, ink jet printing and additional processing. The completed card was transferred onto an accumulation conveyor which assembled the cards into stacks of five.

Machine Automation Solutions for Modern Medical Device Manufacturers

From engineering to systems integration, Creative manufactures state-of-the-art automation solutions for the modern medical industry and various healthcare sectors. Our company provides practical, highly customized automated systems and special purpose machinery designed specifically for the challenges facing today’s medical manufacturers. Our turnkey automated equipment engineered to meet our clients’ highly diverse production needs.