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Automated Test Systems

Creative Automation specializes in the manufacturing of custom automated test systems engineered to meet our clients’ unique product testing and inspection processes. Founded in 1968, our company is backed by a long history of assisting manufacturers from a wide range of industries meet their strictest requirements in product quality, consistency, and repeatability.

Fuel Pump Test Stand

A manufacturer of pumps required a test stand for testing large fuel pumps under simulated operating conditions. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a pump test stand using a servo motor drive for powering the pump. A series of pressure and flow sensors were used to measure the pump’s output, flow and pressure. A mechanical clamping fixture was provided with quick-acting clamps to secure the unit under test, reducing typical test cycle time to under two minutes.

Abrasive Disc Life Test System

A manufacturer of abrasive wheels required a test system for life testing abrasive discs. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a versatile test cell that enabled testing the sanding discs under a multitude of force, angle and speed conditions. By monitoring parameters such as spindle torque, the rate of disc attrition was recorded.

Turnkey Automation Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

Creative Automation has served the medical and healthcare sector with state-of-the-art automated equipment solutions since 1968, cementing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.