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Automated Test Systems

Creative Automation specializes in the manufacturing of custom automated test systems engineered to meet our clients’ unique product testing and inspection processes. Founded in 1968, our company is backed by a long history of assisting manufacturers from a wide range of industries meet their strictest requirements in product quality, consistency, and repeatability.

Fuel Pump Test Stand

A manufacturer of pumps required a test stand for testing large fuel pumps under simulated operating conditions. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a pump test stand using a servo motor drive for powering the pump. A series of pressure and flow sensors were used to measure the pump’s output, flow and pressure. A mechanical clamping fixture was provided with quick-acting clamps to secure the unit under test, reducing typical test cycle time to under two minutes.

Abrasive Disc Life Test System

A manufacturer of abrasive wheels required a test system for life testing abrasive discs. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a versatile test cell that enabled testing the sanding discs under a multitude of force, angle and speed conditions. By monitoring parameters such as spindle torque, the rate of disc attrition was recorded.

Precision Multi-Filer Wire Winding System

A manufacturer of wound wire cables came to us with the unique requirement for winding up to 6 strands of high-tensile stainless steel wire around mandrels as small as 0.005″ in diameter. A typical cable was 6′ in length. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a computer-controlled lathe and a precision wire tensioning system for accomplishing the task. The machine’s carriage system that tensioned up to 6 rolls of wire that were uniformly introduced to the mandrel to maintain the mandrel in a centered position.

Automatic Quartz Crystal Loading System

A manufacturer of quartz crystals required the placement of crystals into carriers. Before the system was built, the crystals were oriented and placed 1 at a time by operators using tweezers. After placing the crystals in the carriers, a top half was placed onto the carrier to retain the crystals to a silver deposition process. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special system for performing this complex task automatically with far less operator intervention.

RFID Bracelet Assembly System

A manufacturer of I.D. tags needed an automated high-speed method of attaching RFID circuits to wrist bands. Using a relatively standard web press, Creative Automation designed, fabricated and integrated a station that automatically fed, programmed, validated and heat sealed RFID circuits onto a continuously moving web of band material. The additional processes provided by the web press included material feeding and tensioning, web guiding and laminating a protective cover sheet onto the band.

RFID Tag Assembly Press

A manufacturer of medical products required tooling to automatically cut and place RFID tags onto their products. Creative Automation designed and manufactured a special die cut and heat sealing station to separate RFID tags from a web and heat weld them onto customers’ products on-demand.

Soap Bubble Wand Inserting System

A manufacturer of children’s toys required a system for automatically orienting, feeding and delivering wands into soap bottles. The manufacturer required an inline system that would automatically orient the bottles and return them to the production line. Creative Automation designed and manufactured a system to automatically orient and feed molded plastic wands. The completed system processed 240 bottles/minute.

Tire Patch Assembly Prep System

A manufacturer of truck tire patches required a system for cutting up to 8” widths of unvulcanized rubber to manufacture their patches. The unvulcanized rubber was extremely “gummy” and presented an obstacle in establishing clean cuts. Creative Automation designed and manufactured an automated 8 channel “cut-to-length” system with independently settable channels. A specialized sheer assembly was used to cut the fed length of rubber and deposited them onto a conveyor belt.

Turnkey Automation Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

Creative Automation has served the medical and healthcare sector with state-of-the-art automated equipment solutions since 1968, cementing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.