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Abrasive Sanding Disc Life Cellular Testing System

A manufacturer of abrasive wheels required a uniquely engineered test system for life testing of abrasive discs. Creative Automation designed a custom test cell that combined numerous complex testing processes, integrated with multiple highly accurate data logging systems.

The Challenge: Accommodating a Complex, Multi-Parameter Testing Process

The manufacturer required a precise and reliable test system for testing the wear and service life of their abrasive sanding disc products. Due to the nature of the product’s use, a multitude of testing parameters, operating conditions, and other variables needed to be considered. We were tasked with devising a way to integrate and record all of these complex variables with a simplified turnkey system.

The Solution: Custom Test Cell with Complete Data Logging Capabilities

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a versatile test cell that enabled testing the sanding discs under a multitude of force, angle, and speed conditions. By monitoring parameters such as spindle torque, the rate of disc attrition was recorded, thus providing a flexible and accurate way to determine the service life of the products.

Turnkey Cellular Systems for Complex Testing Processes

Creative has provided an array of manufacturers with the custom testing systems required to assure quality and performance in their unique products. From machine design to systems integration, we specialize in the development of turnkey testing systems, fully optimized ready for your specific products and testing parameters. Since 1966, our company has served the American and global manufacturing sector with innovation in automation and production line processes.