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Custom Fuel Pump Test Stand for Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

A manufacturer of fuel pumps for heavy equipment and industrial applications required a custom test stand solution to achieve accurate, repeatable results under extreme testing conditions. Creative Automation engineered a custom testing apparatus that integrated a servo-driven pump and unique arrangement of flow/pressure sensors to deliver precision results while shortening test cycle times.

The Challenge: Maintaining Consistent Results Under Extreme Testing Conditions

The manufacturer required a unique test stand solution to accommodate large fuel pumps under simulated operating conditions. The first condition was to pump fuel at a rate of 18 GPM and 120 PSI. While the pump was operating, the amount of torque required significant levels of pressure fluctuation. The fluctuation needed to be continuously recorded to ensure performance of the pump in testing.

The Solution: Custom Engineered Testing Apparatus with Servo-Driven Pump and Integrated Sensors

Creative designed and fabricated a custom pump test stand using a servo motor drive for powering the pump. The servo motor drive enabled the capability of monitoring torque on a continuous basis.

Additionally a series of pressure and flow sensors were used to measure the pump’s output, flow, and pressure. A mechanical clamping fixture was provided with quick acting clamps to secure the unit under test. A typical test cycle was performed in under 2 minutes.

Custom Turnkey Testing Systems and Automated Equipment Solutions

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