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Custom-Automated Machining Systems and Manufacturing Solutions

Our custom-automated machining systems and manufacturing solutions achieve new levels of speed, quality, and productivity by automating specific machining tasks. Repetitive operations, such as cutting, slotting, tapping, and drilling are streamlined to your needs while being processed as efficiently as possible. This minimizes labor costs while maximizing production accuracy and repeatability.

Telephone Cable Splice Box Gasket Slitter

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a special lathe and carbide slicing knife system to automate cutting operations for a supplier of telephone connection devices. Our automatic slitter precisely cuts into solid blocks of rubber, slicing specifically-sized rubber grommets by removing a sufficient number of rings to match the required cable diameter. The production process is thus streamlined for both speed and consistency, while also being much easier and safer for the machine operators.

Aerospace Fastener Cross Slotter

An aerospace fastener manufacturer required an automated process for cross-slotting special fasteners that were incompatible with the company’s standard CNC lathe. Further complicating the process, there were a variety of sizes that were typically processed in small quantities. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a six-station dial-type machine with which the operator’s main task is simply to load components, while the remainder of the process, including unloading, are automated.

Air Bag Component Deburr and Inspection Station

A manufacturer of air bag components needed to deburr parts made from a screw machine operation. The deburring process required the clean removal of a parting mark and the chamfering of a drilled hole. The production required the processing of 45 parts/minute. Our automated solution was a turret indexing, second op machining system. Parts are automatically fed into the machine and offloaded after the process is complete, while the operator simply has to maintain a sufficient supply of components to the supply hopper.

Automated Canister Drilling and Tapping System

An aerospace manufacturer required the precise drilling and tapping of 176, 10-32 holes in a multi-component assembly. Their current method of manufacturing was to fixture the components and use a combination of a CNC mill and special drill presses. Production time was 80 minutes per assembly. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a custom 26-spindle drilling and tapping system, substantially reducing production cycle time to under 10 minutes.

Multi-Purpose System for Threading PVC Fittings

A plastic fitting manufacturer had a problem molding schedule 80 threaded fittings. In order to get the required tolerance, the molds needed to be clamped for an extended period of time resulting in slow production and tolerance issues. Creative Automation solved the problem by designing and fabricating a special system to tap sizes ranging from ¼” NPT to 1 ½” NPT.

Turnkey Automated Machining Equipment – Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Creative Automation offers unparalleled experience in the engineering of highly practical and efficient automatic machining equipment. Our custom solutions can streamline virtually any unique production line machining process, making it simpler, more reliable, and much more cost-effective. Our company has served state-of-the-art machining operations worldwide since 1968, cementing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.