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Automated Cross-Slotter Machine for Precision Aerospace Fasteners

An aerospace manufacturer required a custom automation solution for machining fasteners – a complex process which was incompatible with their facility’s standard CNC lathe. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a six-station dial-type machine which accomplished the unique machining processes while minimizing labor requirements and maximizing throughput.

The Challenge: Automating Complex Machining Operations for Precision Aerospace Parts

The manufacturer specialized in precision aerospace fasteners, thus requiring the utmost in machining accuracy and repeatability. For these fasteners, a specific cross-slotting process was needed – beyond the capabilities of conventional CNC turning. Further complicating the process was a variety of fastener sizes which were typically processed in small quantities.

The Solution: Fully Automated 6-Station Dial-Type Machine

Creative designed and fabricated a 6-station dial-type machine utilizing standard collet closures for securing the fasteners. This unique closure solution allows for quick and easy changeover from one size of fastener to another. Each fastener’s four cross slots are machined at separate stations using carbide slitting blades driven by precision spindles and slides. As a result, the operator’s sole task is to load components with the remainder of the process, including unloading, occurring automatically.

Custom Automated CNC Machine Systems for Today’s Aerospace Manufacturers

Creative provides today’s state-of-the-art aerospace industry with the custom automated equipment solutions needed to produce precision parts reliably and cost-effectively. From machine and tooling design to systems integration, we specialize in the complete development of turnkey machines, fully optimized and ready for aerospace manufacturing. Since 1966, our company has served the American and global flight sector with innovation in machining automation.