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Automated Deburr and Inspection Station for Automotive Airbag Components

An automotive manufacturer specializing in air bag components needed to deburr parts made from a screw machine operation. Creative’s custom automated machining solution was a turret indexing, second op machining system. With automated part feeding and processing, our special purpose machine streamlines the overall production process, reduces labor requirements, and provides maximum capacity.

The Challenge: Automating Highly Specific Deburring and Part Finishing Operations

A manufacturer of air bag components needed to deburr parts made from a screw machine operation. The deburring process required the clean removal of a parting mark and the chamfering of a drilled hole. The production required the processing of 45 parts/minute.

The Solution: Custom Automated Turret Indexer and Machining System

Creative designed and fabricated a turret indexing, secondary operation machining system to perform the complex operations described above. Components are automatically fed and loaded onto the machine’s turret, substantially increasing capacity with unmanned operation. After the part finishing operations are complete, the parts are automatically offloaded. The operators’ only task is to maintain a sufficient supply of components in the supply hopper, which holds enough parts to operate the system for two hours.

Special Purpose Machining Systems for Today’s Automotive Manufacturers

Creative’s custom automated machine solutions help modern automotive manufacturers achieve the precision, efficiency, and increased capacity needed to remain competitive in the part making industry. From custom machine design to systems integration, we specialize in the complete development of turnkey equipment solutions, fully optimized and ready for operation. Since 1966, our company has served the American and global automotive sector with innovation in automation.