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Multi-Purpose System for Automatically Threading PVC Fittings

A plastic fitting manufacturer had a problem molding threaded Schedule 80 fittings for PVC piping. Their conventional molding method could not achieve both the precision tolerances and high production speed required for these products. Creative Automation solved the problem by engineering a special turret indexer system to tap numerous sizes of fittings.

The Challenge: Tapping Multiple Sizes of Fittings with Precision and Repeatability

The manufacturer required custom molded Schedule 80 threaded PVC fittings produced quickly, accurately, and repeatably. However, in order to get the required tolerance, the molds needed to be clamped for an extended period of time resulting in slow production and reduced capacity. Simply put, the manufacturer needed to substantially reduce cycle time without compromising quality or repeatability in the process.

The Solution: Turret Indexer for Automated Tapping Operations

Creative Automation solved the problem by designing and fabricating a special system to tap sizes ranging from ¼” NPT to 1 ½” NPT. The system was designed using an indexing turret that enables an operator to load fitting bodies a location away from the machining operations. The system was built with replaceable nests to handle a wide range of fitting sizes as well as a variety of different fitting configurations.

Special Purpose Equipment for Improving Your Production Line Processes

Creative strives to provide the most practical and efficient custom equipment solutions to accommodate our customers’ specific production line processes. Our solutions include automated machining operations and a wide range of special purpose systems for product fabrication, forming, and assembly. Since 1966, our company has served the American and global manufacturing sector with innovation in automation.