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Custom Automation Solutions and Special Purpose Machinery

Creative Automation specializes in the development of automated production equipment and custom-engineered special purpose machinery. Since 1968, we have delivered turnkey automation solutions to clients across a wide spectrum of industries and market applications.

The Advantages of Our Custom Automated Special Purpose Machinery

Manufacturing Speed and Efficiency: Our specially engineered machines are designed to perform a specific task.  This makes the equipment we manufacture for you highly efficient compared to general-purpose, off-the-shelf machinery. This can result in increased productivity, reduced cycle times, and ultimately, lower production costs.

Quality and Consistency: We engineer practical, cost-effective automated equipment that performs specific, often highly precise operations with minimal variation. Production quality and consistency are improved through a much higher degree of repeatability.

Reduced Labor Costs: Specially engineered automation solutions reduce the need for manual labor in previously labor-intensive operations. This can lower overall production costs and also improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of injury from repetitive or hazardous tasks.

Automated Systems Uniquely Engineered for Specific Processes and Requirements:

  • Automated Assembly Equipment
  • Fluid Dispensing Machinery
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Automated Feeding Systems
  • Systems Integration

True Innovation in Turnkey Automation

The ever-evolving automation industry requires companies that are willing to make the investment in exceptionally engineered equipment which integrates emerging technologies, such as IoT, optoelectronics, and AI machine learning. In some cases, modern factory automation requires special purpose equipment, built from scratch, to handle new and unique production processes. In other applications, legacy equipment is reverse-engineered, reengineered, and/or refurbished to integrate today’s cutting-edge automation features and technologies.

These innovative solutions in automation are the primary force driving new production methods, and establishing leaner, more efficient and sustainable manufacturing practices into the future. At Creative Automation, we tackle this challenge with over half a century of experience and ingenuity. Our machines are not your typical off-the-shelf equipment that you can find under another brand, built overseas or by a third-party provider. Our company is a domestic manufacturer based right here in Sun Valley, California, offering superior American engineering, manufacturing, and complete system integration services.

Custom-Engineered Turnkey Automation Systems Since 1968

Regardless of the industry or application, Creative Automation delivers the expertise necessary for the development of a truly optimized automated solution. Get in touch to discuss your unique production needs or process requirements.