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Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems

Creative Automation is the industry’s leading manufacturer of automated fluid dispensing systems in both standalone and in-line configurations. Our automated dispensing solutions are engineered for the precision application of adhesives, solder pastes, sealants, lubricants, and other similar materials, while achieving high levels of accuracy, speed, and repeatability.

Setting the Industry Standard in Both Speed and Precision:

Our innovative digital dispensing process provides our clients with new levels of speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Our True Volume™ Pump is capable of firing up to 90,000 precise deposits per hour to form high-definition dots, lines, fills, and builds – all accurately shaped by our true piston-positive displacement pump. Volumetric accuracy is ensured regardless of deposit size, viscosity, or temperature.

Champion 8410 – Standalone Digital Dispensing System

The Champion 8410 is a standalone automated fluid dispensing system powered by a high-throughput servo motor. The system can be configured to match exacting application requirements with a broad array of options.

Champion 8420 – In-Line Digital Dispensing System

The Champion 8420 is a servo-driven, high-throughput automatic dispensing system. This turnkey automation solution is designed for in-line conveyorized fluid dispensing processes. The digital system can be configured to match exacting application requirements. Creative also offers an array of customization options to optimize the machine for your unique processes.

Positive Displacement Pumps for Industrial Fluid Dispensing Systems:

SP-2 True Volume™ Piston Positive Displacement Pump

The SP-2 True Volume™ Piston Positive Displacement Pump uses patented technology to offer the most accurate volume control available in the fluid dispensing industry. True Volume™ pumps maintain accuracy in the most demanding circumstances. Changes in temperature, viscosity or deposit size will not impact speed or accuracy.

LV-1 True Volume™ Piston Positive Displacement Pump

The LV-1 Positive Displacement Dispense Pump for precision dispensing of low viscosity and watery fluids in the 1 to 50K cps range. The highest volumetric precision and repeatability in the industry.

Case Study – Custom Automated Fluid Dispensing System:

Large Automated Dispensing Machine for Aerospace Manufacturing

As an example of our capabilities in developing custom-automated dispensing solutions, Creative designed and fabricated a 4-axis automated fluid mask dispensing system for a leading aerospace manufacturer.

Specializing in the production of jet engine cones, the client needed to improve their process for machining large titanium components that reached sizes up to 60″ in diameter and 84″ long. Their current process required 4 weeks of machining time to produce each assembly. Our innovative solution improved processing time by 500%.

Turnkey Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems – Manufactured In The U.S.A.

Creative Automation has remained the nation’s leading developer of custom automated dispensing machinery since 1968, establishing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.