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SP-2 True Volume™ Piston Positive Displacement Pump for Digital Fluid Dispensing

The True Volume™ Piston Positive Displacement Pump uses a Creative Automation patented technology to offer the most accurate volume control available in the fluid dispensing industry. True Volume™ pumps maintain accuracy in the most demanding circumstances. Changes in temperature, viscosity or deposit size will not impact the accuracy or speed of the True Volume™ pump.

The True Volume™ technology employs a piston that moves within the dispensing chamber to deliver an exact amount of fluid through the tip. The True Volume Pump delivers true piston positive displacement dispensing, with no delay for refill and with unrivaled accuracy.

Material is held in a syringe or reservoir and transferred under low pressure (2 – 15 psi) to a pumping chamber. The material is then dispensed under high pressure through precision tips, by the stroke of the piston. The high-pressure internal pump action ensures fast, accurate, homogeneous dispensing. The True Volume Pump is unaffected by changes in viscosity and allows dispensing of materials from 1 cps up to 1,000,000 cps.

The lightweight True Volume™ pump is perfect for applications requiring multiple dispense heads. Standard models use stainless steel for wetted parts. Models for abrasive materials are also available. Patented tips and pistons are available for single shot volumes ranging from .001 microliters (1/4 nanoliter) to .0003 microliters.

For lower viscosity dispensing, see our LV-1 positive displacement pump.

What Is Digital Fluid Dispensing?

Digital Dispensing is the opposite of “analog” or timed dispensing. Time/pressure on/off valves, rotary valves and linear positive displacement valves are all “analog” timed extrusion dispensing devices. The accuracy of these timed devices is dependent on controlled flow over the defined time segment. They require frequent flow calibration and readjustment.

The True Volume™ pump meters out a defined increment of material and repeats that identical metering action 90,000 times per hour to create volumetrically accurate dots, beads, fills and underfills. Digital Dispensing is accurate regardless of material viscosity, temperature, deposit size, or any of the other variables that negatively impact timed dispensing.

The unique strength of the True Volume™ positive displacement piston pump is volumetrically accurate, metered shots, dispensed at a high rate of speed down to dot diameters of .006 inches. 90,000 true positive displacement shots per hour, with top end flow rates greater than 1.5 milliliters per second.

If volumetric accuracy is required…

If high speed dispensing is a must…

Digital Dispensing is the ultimate solution.

The Industry Leader in the Engineering of Automated Digital Dispensing Solutions

Our innovative digital dispensing process provides our clients with new levels of speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Our True Volume™ positive displacement pump is capable of firing up to 90,000 precise deposits per hour to form high definition dots, lines, fills, and builds – all accurately shaped by our true piston positive displacement pump. Volumetric accuracy is ensured regardless of deposit size, viscosity, or temperature.