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Automated Aerosol Cap Placement Machine

A leading pharmaceutical company contracted Creative Automation to design and manufacture an automated assembly system for automatically placing aerosol caps. Our solution offered substantially higher capacity combined with uncompromising accuracy and repeatability.

The Challenge: Precisely Placing Small Components at 120 Parts per Minute

Operating in a highly competitive industry, the client required a high-speed operation to automatically orient, feed, and place aerosol valve caps onto vials at a rate of 120/minute. The multiple small components required an extremely precise placement process, and absolute accuracy had to be maintained to ensure correct orientation and installation.

The Solution: A Fully Automated Placement Machine

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a fully automated system that receives vials, fills, places caps, crimps and automatically transfers aerosol canisters. The included photo shows the cap placement portion of the system.

Automated Assembly and Processing Systems for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Creative provides special purpose machinery and turnkey automation solutions for today’s medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our experience ranges from innovative digital dispensing technology to automated assembly systems for healthcare products. We specialize in providing turnkey automated systems that meet our clients’ highly diverse production requirements.