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Turnkey Gas Valve Assembly System

A manufacturer of plumbing components needed to improve their manual operation of assembling gas valves. Creative Automation rose to the occasion with a custom-engineered robotic assembly system that automatically feeds and places the gas valve components before performing a turnkey assembly operation.

The Challenge: Automating a Complex Manual Assembly Process

The manufacturer’s gas valves are complex assemblies requiring the precise placement and installation of numerous components. Their goal was to maintain quality and potentially increase capacity, all while substantially reducing their labor requirements and costs.

The Solution: A Turnkey Automated Valve Assembly System

Creative Automation designed and fabricated an automated assembly system to automatically feed, place, and then assemble all components for the completed gas valves. The system operates at a rate of 15 assemblies a minute while requiring minimum input from a human operator. The manufacturer’s capacity thus substantially increased while the labor required per assembly was minimized.

Automated Assembly and Processing Systems for Manufacturers of Valves and Fittings

Creative designs practical, highly customized automation solutions for the manufacturing and assembly of industrial valves and fittings. We offer turnkey automated equipment engineered to meet our clients’ highly diverse production needs while increasing capacity and reducing labor requirements.