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Precision Multifilar Wire Winding System

A manufacturer of wound wire cables came to us with the unique requirement for winding high-tensile steel wire around extremely small and precise mandrels. Drawing from experience in working through the specific challenges of the wire winding industry in other projects, Creative Automation engineered and fabricated a special purpose CNC lathe winder with integrated wire tensioner.

The Challenge: Precisely Winding Long Multi-Stranded Cables

The manufacturer required both precision and consistency. A typical cable was 6′ in length. Each winding consisted of up to six strands of high-tensile stainless steel wire which were wound around mandrels as small as 0.005″ in diameter.

The Solution: CNC Lathe Winding System with Wire Tensioner

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a computer-controlled lathe and a precision wire tensioning system for accomplishing the task with the precision required.

A mandrel wire was stretched between two opposing spindles that were electronically geared together. We designed a carriage system that tensioned up to 6 rolls of wire that were uniformly introduced to the mandrel to maintain the mandrel in a centered position. With the mandrel rotating at speeds up to 6,000 RPM, a 6′ length of cable is quickly produced.

Automatic Wire Winding Machines and Automated Assembly Solutions

From special purpose automated assembly machines to automatic wire winding systems, Creative provides today’s wire winding and coiling industry with the equipment required to achieve maximum productivity. We offer turnkey automation solutions which meet our clients’ highly diverse manufacturing process requirements.