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RFID Bracelet Assembly System for Medical Devices

A medical manufacturer that produces specialized I.D. tags required a high-speed automation solution for complex product assembly. Creative engineered a special purpose assembly system that handles multiple complex processes, including automatic validation and heat sealing of the RFID circuits.

The Challenge: Automating a Complex Medical Assembly Process

The manufacturer specialized in the production of unique medical I.D. tags. The primary task to be automated was the attachment of RFID circuits to each wrist band. To streamline the assembly process, each circuit had to be automatically validated as it was installed and heat sealed, before additional components were installed and laminated.

The Solution: A Turnkey Automated Assembly System

Using a relatively standard web press, Creative Automation designed, fabricated, and integrated a fully automated machine solution. The system includes a station that automatically feeds, programs, validates, and heat seals RFID circuits onto a continuously moving web of band material. The additional processes provided by the web press included material feeding and tensioning, web guiding, and laminating a protective cover sheet onto the band, thus providing a true turnkey automated assembly solution

Custom Automated Machines for Medical Device Manufacturers

From custom assembly machines to special process equipment, Creative provides today’s medical manufacturers with turnkey automation solutions designed to accommodate their unique manufacturing and assembly processes. We specialize in the engineering and implementation of practical, highly customized automated systems and special purpose machinery engineered to meet the challenges of the medical and healthcare sector.