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Soap Bubble Wand Inserting System

A manufacturer of children’s toys required a system for automatically orienting, feeding, and delivering plastic wands into soap bottles. Creative Automation engineered a turnkey system which performed all of the required tasks, substantially increasing capacity with minimum input required from human operators.

The Challenge: Automating Complex Placement and Assembly Tasks

The manufacturer required an in-line system that would automatically orient the bottles and return them to the production line. Due to the complex nature of the numerous components, a special purpose machine capable of precision placement and orientation was required. Simultaneously, we were tasked with maximizing production speed and capacity.

The Solution: In-Line Automated Product Assembly System

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a system that automatically orients and feeds molded plastic wands into soap bottles on the production line. The completed system processed 240 bottles/minute.

Automated Equipment Solutions for Manufacturers of Consumer Devices

From automated assembly systems to automatic packaging, Creative provides today’s consumer device manufacturers with the special purpose equipment they need to achieve maximum productivity. We offer turnkey automated systems and special purpose machinery which meets our clients highly diverse manufacturing process requirements.