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Automated Machine Process Solutions

Any production line process can be automated to achieve higher efficiency, higher precision, and/or higher capacity. At Creative Automation, we help engineer and integrate custom automated solutions that are designed around the unique needs of each client’s production process requirements.

Our automated process solutions include automated assembly, welding systems, web processing, and other complex manufacturing processes as well as automated part loading/unloading and testing equipment. From turnkey automation equipment to system upgrades and automated machine integration, Creative offers a single-source solution for all of your factory automation needs.

Precision Mesh Pack Seam Welder

A manufacturer of hydraulic filters (used primarily in aerospace applications) required a precision system to seam weld stainless steel mesh filters ranging from 2″ to 36″ in length. Creative Automation designed and manufactured an automatic seam welder with a specially designed clamping fixture with replaceable copper jaws to accommodate the wide range of filter sizes.

Vibration Isolator Damper Prep System

A manufacturer of heavy-duty vibration isolators required a method for taking rolls of stainless-steel wire mesh and convoluting it to make their vibration isolators. The mesh could be anywhere in width from 1″ to 12″. Creative Automation designed and manufactured a reel-to-reel system to automatically feed and crimp wire mesh. The crimp roll configuration was developed to achieve a specified amount of convolution without breaking wires in the mesh.

Special Web Processing and Coating System

A manufacturer of specialized sensors required a process to apply a uniform coating thickness onto a specialized foil web. Further, the entire process needed to be performed in a hard vacuum environment. Creative Automation designed and manufactured a 4-station web coating system. The entire reel-to-reel system was built onto a platform that was integrated into a vacuum chamber.

Automatic Transfer Mold System

A safety products company needed a means of attaching tie points onto elastic bands to hold respirator masks. While the elastic material was readily available, their present method of cutting strips and manually attaching molded ends was labor intensive. Creative Automation designed and fabricated a process to precisely feed and index the elastic band through an automatic molding machine.

Large Spring Setting and Gauging System

A manufacturer of large springs (typically 3″ in diameter and 28″ long) required a system for setting the springs compression length while automatically validating the springs rate and set length.

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a system that receives springs placed by an operator on the system’s flight conveyor. Once in position, a servo-controlled hydraulic ram engages the spring and compresses it past its elastic limit to a programmed set position. While the ram withdraws, the spring force is continuously monitored resulting in a force/displacement recording. The resulting data was used to certify each spring and provide a statistical database.

Programmable PSA Tape Precision Slicer

A supplier of pressure sensitive tape had a requirement for a system to slice widths of tape from a master 48 inch “log” to meet their customers’ specific requirements. The system required flexibility and rapid changeover: up to 50 orders were processed daily, and the supplier provided rolls in quantities from 1 to 500.

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a fully automatic computer-controlled automatic tape slicer. As each roll is sliced, a separator directs the sliced roll to a receiving point at the end of the mandrel.

Turnkey Automation Solutions for Virtually Any Production Line Process

Our automated process equipment solutions provide our customers with the production speed and efficiency necessary to remain competitive in today’s high-paced manufacturing realm. Backed by more than half a century of expertise and innovation in the development of custom production technology, Creative is your only source for unique factory automation solutions.