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Automated Setting and Gauging System for Large Coil Springs

A manufacturer of large springs, typically 28″ in total length, needed an automated system for setting the spring compression length while validating various performance parameters. Creative Automation met the challenge by developing a servo-driven spring compressor system with integrated force analysis and data logging.

The Challenge: Automatically Recording Complex Spring Force/Displacement Data

The manufacturer specialized in producing large industrial-sized coil springs – typically 3″ in diameter and 28″ long. They required a precision system for setting the compression length of each spring while automatically validating the spring rate and set length. Achieving this required the development of a special purpose spring compressor machine with built-in force monitoring and robust data collection.

The Solution: Servo-Driven Spring Compressor with Integrated Data Logging

Creative designed and fabricated a streamlined system that receives springs placed by an operator on the attached flight conveyor. Once in position, a servo-controlled hydraulic ram engages the spring and compresses it past its elastic limit to a programmed set position. While the ram withdraws, the spring force is continuously monitored, resulting in an accurate force/displacement recording for validating each product. The resulting data is used to certify each spring and provide a statistical database.

Custom Machine Automation Solutions for Industrial Spring Manufacturers

Creative Automation provides today’s coil spring manufacturers with the highly sophisticated testing equipment they need to streamline their production line processes. Our company specializes in the total engineering and development of practical, fully integrated automation systems engineered to accommodate each client’s custom requirements. From machine development to systems integration, we offer cutting-edge automation solutions for today’s industrial manufacturers across many unique industries.