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Precision Automated Mesh Pack Seam Welder

A manufacturer of hydraulic filters required a precision welding system to automate their specialized seam welding process. Creative Automation engineered an automatic seam welder with a specially designed clamping fixture to accommodate the wide range of required filter sizes.

The Challenge: Automated Welding for Steel Mesh Filters

The manufacturer produced specialized hydraulic filters primarily utilized in precision aerospace applications. The manufacturer’s unique production process required a custom automated welding system capable of performing highly accurate and repeatable seam welds on stainless steel mesh material. The special purpose machine also needed to be highly flexible to accommodate filters ranging from 2″ to 36″ in length.

The Solution: A Precision Automated Seam Welder System

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a special seam welder system. Practically designed for both reliability and convenience, our system utilizes a standard tungsten inert gas torch and conventional welding process. A specially designed clamping fixture with replaceable copper jaws is integrated to accommodate the wide range of filter sizes. The versatility of the system combined with the efficiency of automated welding substantially streamlined the manufacturer’s overall production process.

Custom Machine Automation Solutions for Today’s Aerospace Manufacturers

From machine design to systems integration, Creative delivers state-of-the-art automation solutions for today’s aerospace manufacturers and beyond. We specialize in the fabrication and integration of practical, uniquely customized automation systems designed to accommodate specific welding requirements and other production line processes. Our company offers turnkey equipment solutions which meet our clients’ specific requirements in factory automation.