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Special Purpose Web Processing and Automatic Coating System

A manufacturer of specialized sensors needed a special process system to automatically apply a uniform coating thickness onto a foil web. Further complicating production, the entire process needed to be performed within a hard vacuum environment. Creative Automation met the challenge with a custom-engineered four-station web coating system with vacuum chamber integration.

The Challenge: Automating a Highly Precise Web Coating Process

The manufacturer required a unique web processing system which automated the application of a uniform coating thickness onto a specialized foil web. Due to the delicate nature of the sensors being manufactured, the entire process needed to be performed in vacuum.

The Solution: Automatic Reel-to-Reel Web Coating System with Vacuum Chamber Integration

Creative designed and manufactured a four-station web coating system which automated the process, achieving the required precision and uniformity. The turnkey reel-to-reel system was built onto a platform that was integrated into a vacuum chamber. Our automated solution streamlined the overall process while achieving the client’s highly specific requirements.

Custom Automated Systems for Web Processing and Coating

Creative Automation serves today’s web processing industry with special purpose automation equipment designed to accommodate complex production processes. We offer practical, fully optimized automation solutions engineered according to each customer’s unique requirements. From machine design to systems integration, our company provides highly efficient automation solutions for today’s web processing operations.