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Vibration Isolator Damper Prep System with Automated Wire Mesh Processing

A manufacturer of industrial vibration isolators required a custom automated solution for processing rolls of stainless steel wire mesh. Creative Automation engineered a reel-to-reel system to automatically feed and crimp the wire mesh material, thus maximizing production capacity while minimizing labor requirements.

The Challenge: Complex Mesh Wire Processing and Automation

The industrial manufacturer specialized in producing heavy duty vibration isolators. They required an automated method for taking rolls of stainless steel wire mesh and convoluting it in order to make their vibration isolators. The mesh could be anywhere in width from 1″ to 12″, thus requiring a highly complex and versatile wire processing machine.

The Solution: Custom Automated Wire Feed and Crimp System

Creative Automation designed and manufactured a reel-to-reel system to automatically feed and crimp wire mesh. The crimp roll configuration was developed to achieve a specified amount of convolution without breaking wires in the mesh. Developed specifically for this application, the machine delivered both the precision and reliability that the manufacturer required while removing human operators from the majority of the complex production process.

Custom Machine Automation Solutions for Modern Industrial Manufacturers

From machine design to systems integration, Creative delivers state-of-the-art automation solutions for today’s industrial manufacturers and beyond. We specialize in the fabrication and integration of practical, uniquely customized automation systems designed to accommodate specific welding requirements and other production line processes. Our company offers turnkey equipment solutions which meet our clients’ specific requirements in factory automation.