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Machine Automation for Manufacturers of Industrial Valves and Fittings

Manufacturers of specialized valves and fittings often require unique machine solutions to streamline their production and assembly processes while maintaining dimensional precision with every component. Creative Automation offers decades of experience in this quality-focused industry – from aerospace fittings to irrigation valves, and a wide range of other industrial applications.

Turnkey Machines for the Production of Fittings and Valve Assemblies

Our company works closely with valve and fitting manufacturers to develop the most practical and efficient machine automation solutions possible for their products. Below is a selection highlighting our turnkey valve assembly systems, as well as some of the other niches we have served in the industrial valve and fitting market.

Automated Valve Assembly Machines

  • Turnkey Gas Valve Assembly System – A manufacturer of plumbing components needed a custom automated machine for assembly gas valves, including automatic feeding and part placement. The goal was to maintain quality and maximize capacity while substantially reducing manual labor. We designed and fabricated a turnkey system that reliably produces 15 assemblies per minute with minimum operator input.
  • Frost-Free Valve Stem Automated Assembly System – A manufacturer of frost-free valves required an automated system to produce stem assemblies at a quicker rate with less labor requirements. We created a special purpose machine which precisely assembled the pre-cust components to ensure leak-free, reliable performance in extremely low-temperature environments. Accuracy was maintained while production capacity increased to 30 products per minute.
  • Multi-Purpose System for Automatically Threading PVC Fittings – A molder of specialized plastic fittings required threaded Schedule 80 fittings for PVC piping. We custom engineered a special turret indexer system to tap numerous sizes of fittings ranging from ¼” NPT to 1 ½” NPT. The system was designed using an indexing turret that enables an operator to load fitting bodies a location away from the machining operations. The machine was also integrated with replaceable nests to handle a wide range of fitting sizes as well as a variety of different fitting configurations.

Machine Automation for Valves/Fittings in Other Unique Industries:

  • Marine Valves and Fittings – Whether it’s commercial ships, military naval vessels, or consumer boating applications, absolute precision and accuracy is demanded in the manufacturing of valves and fittings for modern marine applications. Our automated equipment ensures these critical components are built and assembled to exacting specifications – reliable, leak-proof, ready for the open sea and waterways.
  • Commercial Irrigation Valves and Agricultural Applications – From commercial sprinkler systems to crop irrigation and other agricultural uses, highly reliable irrigation valves are critical components in many applications. Manufacturers of irrigation valves need to meet some of the highest quality standards in the industry, often accompanied with a number of regulatory and compliance specifications. Through custom machine automation, irrigation valve makers can employ a much more consistent and efficient production process to ensure quality is maintained and costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Equipment – Today’s oilfield and gas pipeline equipment is more sophisticated than ever – engineered for precise flow rates, integrated with many types of valves, fittings, meters, and sensors. Specialized valves and fittings for oil/gas pipeline equipment must be built robustly, for reliable use in extreme environments, and assembled to the most exacting standards. For manufacturers of oil and gas equipment, custom automation is the key to achieving these elevated standards while remaining price-competitive in the market.
  • Valves and Fittings for Other Energy Sectors – The modern energy industry relies on precision-made valves in a multitude of unique applications – including hydropower and other renewable energy applications, as well as equipment for energy conversion, storage, and transport, such as residential gas delivery systems. Creative’s machine automation solutions ensure that every valve and fitting throughout the energy grid is accurately manufactured to do its job as intended.

Turnkey Automated Equipment for Today’s Valve and Fitting Manufacturers

When it comes to manufacturing specialized industrial valves and fittings, the quality and accuracy of every component needs to be ensured. Simultaneously, today’s industrial manufacturers are faced with the challenge of remaining as lean and cost-competitive as possible. Creative Automation meets both of these challenges through the development of practical, custom engineered machine automation solutions for the production, fabrication, and assembly of valves and fittings. From the oil, gas, and energy sector to commercial buildings and agriculture, our company provides the cutting-edge equipment needed to achieve maximum quality, productivity, and capacity.