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Custom Automated Assembly For Electronics

Remaining competitive in the electronics manufacturing space requires manufacturers that are flexible, reliable, and capable of meeting highly variable production challenges. Our turnkey automated production and assembly equipment provide electronics manufacturers and electrical device makers with the speed, capacity, and repeatability that the modern industry demands.

Turnkey Automated Systems Engineered for the Electronics Industry:

  • Automated assembly for electrical components and completed devices.
  • Automatic forming and machining systems for electronics components, cables, and connectors.
  • Electronics pick-and-place machines and automatic part feeding systems.
  • Automatic pin insertion systems and contact feed installers.

Digital Fluid Dispensing Systems for Precision Electronics Assembly

Creative Automation is the industry leader in the development of digital fluid dispensing systems preferred by electronics manufacturers throughout the industry. We offer a range of automated dispensing solutions engineered for the precision application of adhesives, solder pastes, sealants, lubricants, and other materials critical in state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing and assembly. Our custom fluid dispensing systems reliably achieve the high degree of accuracy, speed, and repeatability demanded throughout the modern electronics sector.

Automated Electronics Assembly, Machining, and Forming Systems

Automated Assembly Systems for Electronics Devices and Components

  • Automatic Assembly and Inspection System for Computer Clocks – A manufacturer of semiconductor components utilized a manual assembly process for computer clocks consisting of a semiconductor chip, quartz crystal, and battery. We engineered a dial-type automatic transfer and assembly system for automatic chip loading, feeding, orienting, forming leads and assembly of quartz crystals to chip. Our turnkey system also performs automatic positioning, voltage check and placing a battery onto the chip, soldering crystal and chip leads to the chip without shorting the battery, and finally, automatic testing operations.
  • Automated Contact Feed and Installation System – A manufacturer of electronic connector assemblies required a system to automatically feed and install contacts into a connector block. We were tasked with developing a floor standing system for automatic orientation, feeding, and installing the contacts. Our custom automation solution accurately oriented contacts and fed them through a track guidance system to an installation station.
  • Telephone Interconnect Pinch Block Assembler – A manufacturer of outdoor telephone cable equipment required a system to automatically punch, cutout and place grease barriers onto blocks consisting of a molded body and screw. This complex assembly is used to make final connections to telephone cables used in outdoor junction boxes. We developed a special purpose system to automatically perform all of the above operations.
  • Automatic Riveting System for Automotive Switch Plates – A manufacturer of pressure sensors needed an efficient method for attaching 12 sensors and two separate connector plates together. The complex assembly was for automotive switch plate applications and required durable riveting with an extremely high degree of repeatability. Our custom automated solution was a 4-station system that included two integrated riveting stations.

Special Purpose Machining and Forming Systems for Electronics Parts and Components

  • Automatic Ribbon Former for Electrical Transducers – A specialized electronics manufacturer produced transducers that required precision-formed foil strips of material for use in their transducer products. We developed a special tool to automatically perform this delicate operation with precision, accuracy, and repeatability.
  • Automated Slicer and Lathe Machine for Telephone Cable Grommets – A supplier of connection devices for telephone companies required a unique automated machining system to slice rubber grommets for accommodating a variety of cable diameters. We produced a special purpose lathe and slicing system to automate cutting operations, thus achieving increased accuracy, repeatability, and capacity.

Turnkey Automated Equipment for Today’s Electronics Manufacturers

In the modern electronics manufacturing sector, consistent quality and lean efficiency are the keys to long-term success. Creative Automation provides electronics manufacturers with the automated tools they need to remain ahead of their competitors. From automated forming/assembly systems for electronics devices and components to special purpose testing systems, Creative provides today’s electronics industry with the state-of-the-art equipment needed for maximum productivity and sustainability.