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Automated Medical Device Assembly and Manufacturing Systems

Creative Automation is backed by a long history of supporting medical device manufacturers with uniquely engineered automated equipment solutions. From medical product assembly and packaging systems to special purpose machinery for forming and fabricating, our company provides today’s healthcare sector with higher production quality, speed, and capacity.

Meeting the Unique Production Challenges of Today’s Medical Manufacturing Industry

Today’s highly competitive medical manufacturing sector demands precision, consistency, and rapid response turnaround. Simultaneously, medical devices and healthcare products are more complex than ever, requiring increasingly specialized production processes and special purpose machinery.

Creative Automation provides medical manufacturers with the means to meet the healthcare industry’s ever-more challenging expectations for quality while streamlining the overall production process through custom-automated machinery solutions.

Automated Assembly Systems for Medical Devices and Components

Special purpose equipment and automated assembly machines engineered to automatically perform the specific, highly complex assembly tasks required for custom medical products.

  • Medical Device Assembly System – A manufacturer of ostomy products needed an automated assembly system for producing multiple configurations and sizes of convexity fittings to pouches. Creative engineered a 24-station dial assembly system for the job, with each station including a master fixture that received personality plates for accommodating each size and shape component. The system automatically applied a special adhesive and printed each pouch with the appropriate identification information.

Special Process Machinery for Medical Device Manufacturing

Custom engineered equipment solutions which automate unique, highly specialized production line processes.

  • Custom Web Coating and Laminating System – A medical test strip manufacturer required a special laminating and coating system that accurately controls the tension of the web and two additional cover layers. Creative Automation designed and fabricated an assembly using precision servo drives at all key points to control the web tension. The coating and laminating stations utilize technologies previously developed by Creative Automation for accurate dispensing on the film material and Calendaring. All components were properly fabricated and coated to operate in the zero humidity environment.

Automated Medical Device Packaging Systems

Practical, cost-effective automated packaging systems designed for the unique packing needs of today’s medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical products.

  • Orthodontic Packaging System – A orthodontic component manufacturer required a special system to prepare “assembly cards” to be used with their products, requiring precise amounts of a special UV curable adhesive to be applied at multiple sites on each card. Drawing on our extensive experience in automated fluid dispensing, Creative designed an eight-station automated packaging system integrated with a special heated servo driven linear dispense pump.

Other Innovations in Medical Device Manufacturing

  • Creative is backed by unparalleled experience in the development of custom automation solutions for medical manufacturers – from fluid dispensing systems to automated forming, fabrication, processing, and packaging. Check out our Medical Device Manufacturing page for more examples of our industry-leading experience.

Turnkey Automation Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

Creative Automation has served the medical and healthcare sector with state-of-the-art automated equipment solutions since 1968, establishing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry. Whether it’s enhanced speed, reduced possibility of contamination, increased capacity, or a higher level of accuracy and repeatability, Creative’s machine automation solutions achieve the productivity that today’s medical equipment manufacturers require.