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Custom Automated Web Handling, Processing, and Converting Equipment

Today’s web handling applications often require highly specialized processing/converting machines to accommodate complex and customizable production processes. Creative Automation meets that challenge by providing manufacturers with uniquely engineered web handling equipment designed to the exacting standards of their products. From machine development and fabrication to complete systems integration, we offer web processing operations a turnkey, streamlined approach to investing in new equipment.

Special Purpose Production Equipment for Web Handling Applications

  • Automatic Web Converting/Coating Systems – Complex web converting and web coating processes integrated into a simplified, turnkey machine solution.
  • Automated Winding Systems – Automatic web winding and wire winding systems engineered to achieve much higher capacity than manual winding processes.
  • Automatic Slitters and Slicers – Automatic slitters, slicers, and other auxiliary equipment for the production and processing of secondary components.

Custom Machine Automation for Web Processing and Converting

Special Purpose Web Processing Equipment

  • Special Purpose Web Processing and Coating System – A manufacturer of specialized sensors needed a special process system to automatically apply a uniform coating thickness onto a foil web. Further complicating production, the entire process needed to be performed within a hard vacuum environment. Creative met the challenge with a custom four-station web coating system and integrated vacuum chamber.
  • Precision Automated Mesh Pack Seam Welder – A manufacturer of hydraulic filters required a precision welding system to automate their specialized seam welding process. We engineered an automatic seam welder with a specially designed clamping fixture to accommodate the wide range of required filter sizes. Practically designed for both reliability and convenience, our system utilizes a standard tungsten inert gas torch and conventional welding process. The versatility of the system combined with the efficiency of automated welding substantially streamlined the manufacturer’s overall production process.

Automated Web and Wire Assembly Systems

  • Precision Multifilar Wire Winding System – A manufacturer of wound wire cables came to us with the unique requirement for winding multiple strands of high-tensile steel wire around mandrels as small as 0.005″ in diameter. We developed a CNC lathe and a precision wire tensioning system for accomplishing the task. With the mandrel rotating at speeds up to 6,000 RPM, a 6′ length of cable is quickly produced.

Web Processing Systems for Medical Manufacturers

  • RFID Tag Automated Assembly Press – A manufacturer of medical ID products required tooling to automatically cut and place RFID tags onto their products. Creative Automation designed and manufactured a special die cut and heat sealing station which automated the assembly process, producing finished products on demand.
  • Custom Web Coating and Laminating System for Medical Test Strips – A medical manufacturer required a special purpose machine to automate their web processing, laminating, and coating processes. Our turnkey solution was a special laminating and coating system using precision servo drives at all key points to control the web tension. Integrated automatic coating and laminating stations utilize technologies previously developed by Creative Automation for accurate dispensing on the film material and calendaring.

Innovative Machine Automation Solutions for Web Processing and Web Converting

Modern web handling, converting, and coating processes demand special purpose machines engineered with highly specific capabilities. Creative specializes in meeting those challenges for each customer’s unique requirements through innovation in automation. Our turnkey equipment solutions for web handling and converting are engineered to streamline your custom production processes while achieving better product quality and repeatability.