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Custom Automated Welding Systems and Robotic Welding Solutions

Robotic welding systems have quickly become the industry standard for many production processes – especially in high-volume manufacturing applications. Special purpose welding systems with custom automation will streamline even the most complex welding operations, drastically reducing manual labor requirements while achieving an even greater level of precision and repeatability.

No matter how complicated the welding process is at hand, Creative can provide a custom automated welding solution which simultaneously maximizes quality, accuracy, and production line capacity.

Robotic Welding Systems Engineered for Your Unique Production Line Application

Utilizing state-of-the-art robotics along with highly programmable CNC systems, we can develop automated welding equipment for virtually any specific production line process. Drawing from more than half a century of experience in industrial machine automation, our company is uniquely capable of optimizing each robotic welding system according to the product design, materials, use case, as well as the required secondary manufacturing processes.

Custom Automation for Any Robotic Welding Process:

  • Robotic Arc Welding – Arc welding, which includes numerous separate welding processes, encompasses many of the most common industrial welding projects that customers wish to automate. Our range of automated arc welding systems have been diverse across many industries, ranging from piggyback robotic arc welders to turnkey cellular welding systems.
  • Automated MIG Welding – More technically referred to as gas metal arc welding (GMAW), MIG welding is one of the two most common robotic arc welding processes. From sheet metal fabrication to automotive manufacturing, custom automated MIG welding systems can achieve much higher capacity without compromising the quality of any single weld.
  • Automated TIG Welding – The other most common robotic welding process is TIG welding, or gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW). Better optimized for thin metals and precision tolerances than MIG welding, today’s industrial pipe fabricators as well as aerospace manufacturers rely on robotic TIG welding systems to achieve their goals in quality and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Robotic Spot Welding – Aside from arc welding processes, spot welding robots are increasingly common throughout the modern industrial fabrication industry. Special purpose robotic systems for spot welding are highly flexible, built according to the needs of each factory and easily programmable to perform a wide range of custom welding operations.

Special Purpose Automated Welding Systems and Processing Equipment

Automated Welding and Fabrication Systems

  • Spiral Tube Winding and Welding System – A manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic filters needed to improve their unique process for manufacturing center cores. Their previous production process was extremely time- and labor-intensive with custom drilling, honing, and manual required. We fabricated a custom automated machine solution to accommodate these complex production processes, substantially reducing both labor requirements and processing time.

Special Purpose Web Processing Welding Systems

  • Mesh Pack Seam Welder – A manufacturer of hydraulic filters required a precision welding system to automate their custom seam welding process. Designed for both reliability and convenience, our system utilizes a standard tungsten inert gas torch and conventional welding process. A specially designed clamping fixture with replaceable copper jaws is integrated to accommodate the wide range of filter sizes. The versatility of the system combined with the efficiency of automated welding substantially streamlined the manufacturer’s overall production process, reducing labor costs while increasing capacity.

Automated Heat Welding Systems for Thermoplastics and Adhesives

Often, processing requires welded materials other than metal – most commonly thermoplastics and other engineering plastic materials. From heat welding to friction welding to laser welding systems, Creative can automate virtually any welding process to be more productive, efficient, and sustainable.

  • RFID Tag Automated Assembly Press – A manufacturer of medical products required tooling to automatically cut and place RFID tags onto their products. We developed a special die cut and heat sealing station which automated the RFID tag assembly process, producing finished products on-demand. Our automated system separates RFID tags from a web and automatically heat welds them onto the finished product.

Special Purpose Welding Systems Engineered for Today’s Fabricators

Like many of today’s industrial fabrication processes, welding has become much more flexible, capable, and efficient through innovation in machine automation. Creative capitalizes on this innovation in the development of custom robotic welding systems and supporting automation equipment which improves our customers’ factory productivity and sustainability. From turnkey welding and fabrication systems to special purpose web processing welders, we offer the automated equipment solutions needed to stay ahead of the competition.