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Turnkey Machine Automation Solutions, Design Services, and Systems Integration

Automation Consulting and Design Solutions

In addition to turnkey manufacturing services, Creative Automation offers consulting and design for the development of practical, cost-effective automation solutions. Through careful collaboration with our customers, we strive to meet each clients’ specific needs of improved production speed, efficiency, capacity, consistency or – in many cases – all of the above.

Product Design for Manufacturing

Creative’s custom automated systems are engineered for efficiency and designed for manufacturability. Our aim is to develop the most practical and economical automation solution possible for each customer’s unique production requirements. To that end, we take into consideration the total manufacturing and assembly process, along with the long-term product life cycle to develop truly optimized automated equipment.

Systems Integration Services

Systems integration services are one of the critical final steps in the design, development and implementation of custom automated equipment. Through the systems integration process we engineer complete compatibility between our automated machines and all auxiliary equipment – whether it’s a single automated process or a larger factory automation project.

Systems Upgrades

In addition to developing and manufacturing new machine automation solutions from scratch, Creative provides customers with system upgrades designed to repurpose or re-engineer existing equipment. For many applications, upgrading the existing equipment or legacy machines is the most cost-effective automation solution.

Full-Service Automated Systems Engineering and Manufacturing

Creative Automation has remained the nation’s leading developer of custom machine automation since 1968, establishing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.