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Consulting and Design for Custom Process Automation

In addition to turnkey manufacturing services, Creative Automation offers consulting and design for the development of practical, cost-effective automation solutions. Through careful collaboration with our customers, we strive to meet each clients’ specific needs of improved production speed, efficiency, capacity, consistency or – in many cases – all of the above.

Design Consulting from the Industry’s Leading Automation Engineering Company

Creative’s automation consultants bring decades of combined industry experience to the table. We consider the latest production practices, manufacturing trends, product life cycle issues, as well as any necessary regulatory requirements (such as FDA, medical, and aerospace quality protocols). Through our diverse industry knowledge and innovation thereof, we arrive at a truly optimized automation solution for each customer’s unique processes and requirements.

A Total Solutions Provider

Creative has built its reputation on applied ingenuity in the field of equipment automation – from design and consulting to turnkey manufacturing and integration. As a single-source solutions provider of special purpose machinery, our consulting services are based around practical, real-world experience in developing and implementing highly customized automated processes.

We work closely with customers to maximize productivity for each specific application, whether it’s a single machine or a larger factory automation project. Through careful planning, we minimize investment risks and reduce downtime while ensuring a streamlined process of systems integration.

Achieving Your Production Goals Through Application-Specific Consulting and Design:

  • Higher Productivity and Increased Capacity – Special purpose machinery developed to substantially reduce production cycle times and labor requirements, simultaneously maximizing throughput and manufacturing capacity.
  • Higher Product Quality and Repeatability – Automated assembly and production processes that offer virtually 100% repeatability, thus improving product consistency while streamlining the quality control process.
  • Less Waste and Better Sustainability – Less waste through a reduction of manufacturing errors, as well as more efficient use of both time and materials. Lean manufacturing through automation not only reduces your costs, it makes your end products more sustainable.
  • A More Reliable Supply Chain Solution – Ultimately, the development and implementation of streamlined machine automation solutions adds to the robustness of your company’s manufacturing services and strengthens its role in the supply chain.

Innovative Automation Solutions – From Consultation to Systems Integration

At Creative, we are committed to helping our customers better succeed with their production technology through the efficiency of automation. Our responsive consulting and design services allow us to achieve a more optimum machine solution for each unique application.