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System Integrators

Systems integration services are one of the critical final steps in the design, development and implementation of custom automated equipment. Through the systems integration process our engineers will assure the compatibility between our automated machines and all auxiliary equipment – whether it’s a single automated process or larger automation project.

Beginning with consulting and design and following through with manufacturing and integration, Creative is able to provide each customer with a turnkey automation solution which is engineered and optimized according to their unique production requirements.

Design, Development, Manufacturing, and Integration for Custom Automated Systems

Creative is a single-source automated systems integrator and equipment manufacturer. Our systems integration services play a crucial role in custom machine automation by ensuring that all separate components, machines, and overall processes work together seamlessly.

Today’s factory automation systems can be extremely complex, consisting of a variety of machines and subsystems. All mechanical, electrical, electromechanical components, as well as firmware and software systems must be engineered in unison to ensure total compatibility. That’s where Creative’s expertise in automated systems integration comes into play.

The Critical Steps in Custom Systems Integration Services:

Equipment Design and Specification – We assist in the initial design and equipment specification phase to fully understand each project’s unique production goals and processes. This gives us a comprehensive plan that outlines all necessary subsystems, interfaces, and networking protocols as well as a production timeline required for successful process automation and machine integration.

Component Selection – Successful systems integration entails selecting the right components, tools, and technologies for each unique automation project. In addition to standard machines and supporting equipment, we may integrate custom sensors, actuators, controllers, and other auxiliary components as required.

Component Integration – Once all components and auxiliary systems are selected, we must ensure the successful integration of these subsystems into a cohesive and functional production machine. From electrical wiring and electromechanical installation to programming and calibration, all separate systems are carefully built for integration.

Testing and Validation – Thorough testing and validation procedures are required to ensure that all machine automation features function correctly, and that all production goals are met. We verify that all subsystems operate together as expected, resolving any compatibility or performance issues before the machine is ever implemented in a factory setting.

One of the Industry’s Leading Automated Systems Integrators

Creative Automation offers complete development, manufacturing, and systems integration services for custom automated machines and equipment. Our practical automation solutions are designed to streamline virtually any unique production line machining process, making it simpler, more reliable, and much more cost-effective. Our company has served state-of-the-art machining operations worldwide since 1968, cementing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.