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System Upgrades and Re-Engineering for Equipment Automation

In addition to developing and manufacturing new machine automation solutions from scratch, Creative provides customers with system upgrades designed to repurpose or re-engineer existing equipment. For many applications, upgrading the existing equipment or legacy machines is the most cost-effective automation solution.

Backed by more than half a century of experience and innovation in upgrading factory systems worldwide, we work closely with each customer to establish the most practical, efficient, and economical path to process automation.

Legacy Equipment Upgrades and Optimization

Upgrading legacy equipment with automation features is extremely complex, but in many cases more cost-effective than full replacement. We begin by assessing the existing manufacturing equipment/processes, analyzing performance in comparison with the customer’s enhanced production goals, then devising a plan to achieve those goals through custom automation.

Automation upgrades to legacy equipment can be as relatively simple as installing ancillary equipment, e.g., an automatic part feeder to automate the loading process. In other cases, legacy equipment automation requires total re-engineering of the process and multiple new levels of systems integration. No matter the complexity, Creative Automation offers the ingenuity necessary to arrive at the most practical, cost-effective solution.

Design and Re-Engineering for Automation

Our decades of experience and practical application of engineering is crucial in the development of more efficient machine automation. Through careful analyses of customers’ current equipment and processes, we can simultaneously re-engineer both to arrive at a truly optimized solution that is faster, simpler, more productive, and more sustainable.

Review and Design Engineering helps us understand the key features and functionalities of each machine so that they can be properly replicated and automated. By studying the performance and limitations of all related processes, our engineers can identify the root cause of any inefficiencies, and thus engineer a truly better solution.

Turnkey Automated Machining Equipment – Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Creative Automation offers unparalleled experience in the engineering of highly practical and efficient automatic machining equipment. Our custom solutions can streamline virtually any unique production line machining process, making it simpler, more reliable, and much more cost-effective. Our company has served state-of-the-art machining operations worldwide since 1968, cementing our company as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.