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Machine Automation Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly

Creative Automation provides today’s automotive manufacturers with the custom machine automation solutions required to streamline their complex manufacturing, assembly, and testing operations. From automated turnkey assembly and packaging systems for automotive parts to special purpose machinery for part forming and fabricating, our company provides today’s transportation sector with enhanced production quality, speed, and capacity.

Focused on practical innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, Creative offers complete turnkey automation solutions to OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 parts makers, and other commercial automotive operations. Since 1968, our company has remained a leading provider of the custom automated equipment and special purpose machinery engineered to meet the strictest requirements of the transportation manufacturing sector.

Custom Automated Equipment Engineered for Today’s Automotive Manufacturers

Automated Assembly Systems for Automotive Components

  • Automatic Riveting System for Automotive Switch Plates – A manufacturer of pressure sensors needed an efficient method for attaching 12 sensors and two separate connector plates together. The complex assembly was for automotive switch plate applications and required durable riveting with an extremely high degree of repeatability.
  • Automatic Assembly System for Tire Patches – A manufacturer of truck tire patches required a system for cutting up to 8” widths of unvulcanized rubber to manufacture their patches. The unvulcanized rubber was extremely “gummy” and presented an obstacle in establishing clean cuts. Creative Automation designed and manufactured an automated eight-channel “cut-to-length” system with independently settable channels. A specialized sheer assembly was used to cut the fed length of rubber and deposited them onto a conveyor belt.

Special Purpose Machines for Automotive Manufacturing Processes

  • Air Bag Component Deburr and Inspection Station – A manufacturer of air bag components needed to deburr parts made from a screw machine operation. The deburring process required the clean removal of a parting mark and the chamfering of a drilled hole. The production required the processing of 45 parts/minute. Our automated solution was a turret indexing, second op machining system. Parts are automatically fed into the machine and offloaded after the process is complete, while the operator simply has to maintain a sufficient supply of components to the supply hopper.

Automotive Production Line Testing Systems

  • Custom Fuel Pump Test Stand – A manufacturer of industrial fuel pumps required a custom test stand designed for testing large fuel pumps under simulated operating conditions. The goal was to shorten test cycle times while maintaining or improving the accuracy and repeatability of the testing process. While this system was engineered for fuel pumps used in the heavy equipment sector, we can design and fabricate similar automation solutions for the testing of conventional automotive pumps.

Custom Automation Systems for Today’s Automotive Manufacturers

In today’s automotive manufacturing sector, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. Creative Automation provides modern automotive manufacturers and part makers with the automated tools they need to keep ahead of the market. From automated assembly and automatic forming systems for automotive parts to automatic testing/inspection systems, Creative provides today’s automotive industry with the state-of-the-art equipment solutions required for increased productivity and sustainability.